BlueSAO Company


Anhui Blue Small Animal Orthopaedic Instruments Co., Ltd. was established in 2014.

It's a high-tech company specializing in the research and development of small animal orthopedic instruments.

BlueSAO® is a registered trademark of out company.

Our company has a professional CNC processing,

metal heat treatment factory with advanced production equipments from Japan, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Almost all raw materials come from Germany, Japan and Switzerland.

BlueSAO company established the first private small animal orthopedics training center in China,

and have already trained more than 3000 veterinarians.

It's No.1 in China.

BlueSAO first to launch PRCL bone plate locking system,

PGR system, DPO system, Interlocking Nail system,

CHD inspection system in china and have the most patents in China.

BlueSAO also launched the HyProtect Silver ion antibacterial bone plate first in China.

Now BlueSAO is one of the two HyProtect Silver ion antibacterial bone plate manufacturers in the world.

As of 2018, BlueSAO's domestic sales are among the best and exported to Finland, United States and 30 more other countries.

BlueSAO is becoming more and more veterinarians' first choice in the world.

In order to facilitate doctors to query cases and help the development of small animal orthopedics,

BlueSAO created and freely opened the world's only online Small Animal Orthopedics Case Library.

The number of case is continually growing.

BlueSAO® has become the Small Animal Orthopedic Instruments Leader of China.

And continually heading forward.


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