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20210308 -【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament】A Welsh Corgi dog, fixed with TPLO-M system successfully

Nanjing Ai-Bi Veterinary Medicine CenterDr. Wu2021-03-16 159

A Welsh Corgi dog, one year old, female, 12kg, had a limp of hind limbs after going out to climb a mountain. It was not effective to take the painkiller (Puweikang) orally for a week. After examination, it was found that the distal end of the femur was displaced relative to the tibial plateau, accompanied with claudication when walking, the drawer test was positive, the tibial impact test was positive, and the diagnosis was a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. Before the surgery, it was planned to use a 21mm arc oscillating saw to cut, and during the surgery, the TPLO-M 8.5mm locking bone plate of BlueSAO was used for the operation. Taking into account the particularity of the Corgi's legs, a hole was removed at the distal end of the bone plate. He resumed walking one week after the operation.

Thanks for Dr. Wu from Nanjing Ai-Bi Veterinary Medicine Center of Jiangsu province bringing us the case.

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