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20210330 -【Dislocation of femoral head】A dog, THR surgery successfully

Maoming Mingya Animal HospitalDr.Xu2021-05-07 69

A Hybrid dog, named Da Fu, male, 10.5kg, age unknown, originally a stray dog, was hit by a car during the rescue and arrest of it, which caused the right leg femoral head to prolapse from the back. The rescuer is willing to send it to the animal hospital for hip replacement surgery to ensure its quality of life in the future. The surgery uses the Micro&Nano Hip System (with bone cement) of BlueSAO, and the implant uses a 3# steam, a 16mm cup, a 10mm head. The surgery went well and we are looking forward to an early recovery.

Thanks for Dr.Xu from Maoming Mingya Animal Hospital of Guangdong province bringing us the case.

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