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20210930-【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament+Patellar luxation】A Poodle, TPLO surgery and PGR surgery successfully

Beijing Quanxinquanyi Chongai banlv Animal HospitalDr.Han2021-10-15 56

A Poodle, 7 years old, male, castrated. Four months ago, his weight was 6kg, and now his weight was 7.5kg. He suffered from the rupture of cranial cruciate ligament+patellar luxation. We did a TPLO surgery for his left hind limb by using BlueSAO TPLO-S5.5mm locking plate and corrected the angle of tibial plateau. After the fracture site healed, the pet master decide to correct the patellar luxation. During the surgery, we found that he suffered from the severe arthritis of the trochlea, so we did PGR surgery by using PGR 3# prosthesis and did tibial tuberosity transposition. This dogcan walk the next day after the surgery.

Thanks for Dr.Hanfrom Beijing Quanxinquanyi Chongai banlvAnimal Hospital bringing us thecase.

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