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20181007 -【Canine Hip Dysplasia】A Samoyed dog, fixed with DPO locking plate successfully

Tianjin Guaiguai Pet HospitalDr. Song2019-01-21 1271

A Samoyeddog, about 8 months old, 20kg, suffered from CHD(Canine Hip Dysplasia). About one month ago, we did a DPO(Double Pelvic Osteotomy) surgery for her,fixed with BlueSAO DPO locking plate, now the guy recovers well, can walk and run normally. Good luck!

It is recommended that large dogs with abnormal walking should bedone a CHD examination as early as possible during the puppy period, and early diagnosis can help toearly surgical treatment. When grow toadult dogs, if CHD, onlycan be treated with THR (Total Hip Replacement) surgery .

Thanks for Dr. Song from Tianjin Guaiguai Pet Hospital bringing us the case.

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