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20231007- [Rupture of Cranial Cruciate Ligament] A Poodle, Fixed with TPLO-S System Successfully

Dr. Song Pet Hospital of HarbinDr. Han Bo2023-11-16 161

Breed: Poodle, 5 years old, male (unneutered), 5.7kg.

Medical history: he suffered from a lameness in the left hind limb, which was diagnosed as the rupture of cranial cruciate ligament. As such, we decided to perform a TPLO surgery. A TPA angle of 31° was decided in the preoperative planning; we performed the surgery by using the BlueSAO TPLO-5.5mm R-type pure titanium locking plate for fixation with a 24 # saw blade and a rotation of 5.2mm; the postoperative TPA angle was 5°. The surgery was completed successfully. Best wishes for an early recovery.

Thanks to Dr. Han Bo (Dr. Song Pet Hospital of Harbin) for sharing the clinical case of BlueSAO TPLO locking plate system.

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