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A Clinical Case Sharing of Bionic PEEK Hip Joint System in a Golden Retriever —Dr. Tetsuaki Koreeda from Japan

JapanDr.Tetsuaki Koreeda2024-02-19 99

A golden retriever, 8 months old, male, 26.8kg.

Etiology: severe subluxation of bilateral hip

Date of surgery: January 17, 2024

A THR surgery was performed by using a φ25mm bionic cup, a 20mm PEEK femoral head, M+0 femoral neck, and a #8 biological stem of BlueSAO Bionic PEEK Hip Joint System. It was completed by Dr. Tetsuaki Koreeda — a world famous master of THR for small animals. The dog is recovering well from the surgery. Best wishes for an early recovery.

Thanks to Dr. Tetsuaki Koreeda from Japan for sharing the clinical case of BlueSAO Bionic PEEK Hip Joint System!

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