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Postoperative Re-examination at 62 Days — Bionic Hip Replacement in a Bernese Mountain Dog by Dr.Tetsuaki Koreeda from Japan

JapanDr.Tetsuaki Koreeda2024-05-13 149

Postoperative: 62 days

Case No. C6798: Bernese mountain dog, 1 year old, female, 39.5kg

Date of surgery: March 5, 2024

Product: BlueSAO Bionic Hip (BlueSAO Bionic Hip Replacement System)

This dog suffered from canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and was referred to our clinic by its attending doctor in Shiga Prefecture.

The owner chose Total Hip Replacement (THR) and chose BlueSAO (China) out of two brands, BioMedtrix (USA) and BlueSAO (China).

It was the 62nd postoperative day yesterday with regular checkups.

When I saw the dog hopping for joy when she met the nurse, I felt there was no problem with her functional recovery.

According to the X-rays, the muscle mass of the left and right legs has increased significantly after the THR surgery, and the increase in muscle mass has been confirmed by a force plate test.

If there are no problems at the checkup next month, the exercise restriction can be lifted.

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