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A Clinical Case Sharing of Bionic Hip Joint System in a Chinese Rural Dog — Dr. Li Yongqi from Tianjin Huating Pet Hospital

Tianjin Huating Pet HospitalDr. Li Yongqi2024-05-15 134

A Chinese rural dog, 12.5 years old, female, 22kg,

was diagnosed with severe bilateral hip arthritis and severe muscle atrophy, and suffered from a lameness due to the obvious pain in the right hip joint. As such, we decided to perform a THR surgery. Accurate preoperative planning was made by BlueSAO iBlueVet. We did the THR surgery by using a φ25mm bionic cup, a φ20mm PEEK femoral head, a #6 biological stem, and an M+0 femoral neck of BlueSAO Bionic Hip Joint System for replacement. The dog recovers well. Best wishes for an early recovery.

Thanks to Dr. Li Yongqi (Tianjin Huating Pet Hospital) for sharing the clinical case of BlueSAO Bionic Hip Joint System.

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