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20190729 -【Comminuted and open fracture of femur】A American Shorthair, fixed with PRCL-S system successfully

Maoming Mingya Animal HospitalDr. Xu2019-08-05 98

A American Shorthair, named Ouba, male, 5.4kg, fell from the fourth floor and hit by a car on the evening of July 27, caused a comminuted and open fractureof femur. We did not use the HyProtect-PRCL antimicrobial plasma coating plate, because the wound was not infected. We fixed the femur by using BlueSAO PRCL-S6.5mm locking plate+Intramedullary pin with bridge technique. We recommend not to move the comminuted bone pieces as much as possible, and maintain a good biological environment, so that a good prognosis can be obtained. Hope the guy recovery soon!

Thanks for Dr.Xu from Maoming Mingya Animal Hospital of Guangdong province bringing us the case.

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