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20200911 -【Dislocation of femoral head】A Poodle, THR surgery successfully

Maoming Mingya Animal HospitalDr.Xu2020-09-16 108

A Poodle, 6 years old, female, 4kg, hit by a car, caused a dislocation of femoral head. The treatment is not only FHO(Femoral Head Ostectomy) or ligament repair, but also total hip replacement. THR is better at restoring function of limbs and can avoid the uncertainty of FHO. So we did a THR surgery for this dog by using #2 steam+φ12mmcup+φ8mm(+0) head. These implants come from BlueSAO THR system. This guy can walk the next day after surgery. Best wishes for an early recovery!

Thanks for Dr.Xu from Maoming Mingya Animal Hospital of Guangdong province bringing us the case.

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