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202008024 -【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament】A Bichon Frise, fixed with TPLO-S system successfully

Kunming Hengjia Animal HospitalDr. Du2020-09-16 111

A Bichon Frise, named Duoduo, 5 years old, male, 12.5kg. His left leg suffered from claudication. The anterior drawer test was positive and the posterior drawer test was negative. The DR showed a dislocation of knee joint. His leg was diagnosed with rupture of cranial cruciate ligament. We did a TPLO surgery by using BlueSAO TPLO-S6.5mm locking plate and saw blade-15mmand corrected the TPA to 3°. The surgery was completedsuccessfully.Hope the guy recovery soon!

Thanks for Dr. Du from Kunming Hengjia Animal Hospital of Yunnan province bringing us the case.

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