Congratulations on the success of the North American Veterinary Conference!


On the first day of the north American veterinary conference, as soon as the exhibits were laid out, someone came to consult! BlueSAO, let the world know Chinese small animal orthopedics!

After the annual meeting of BlueSAO, I met Mr. Karl, chairman of the board of directors of BioGate and Mr. Karl Ritchter, CEO of BioGate in North America at the north American veterinary conference. Good friends are very cordial when they gather together. I wish China and Germany a successful cooperation!

Today is the third day of the north American veterinary conference, and the conference will end tomorrow, so many veterinary doctors choose to buy our products today, and all the samples we brought were swept away. BlueSAO brand has been recognized and loved by more and more foreign veterinarians for its excellent quality and excellent technology!

Amy, the manager of our foreign trade department, has been busy making documents, settling accounts and collecting money!

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