The Workshop of 2019 Mexico CVDL Congress


In the upstairs classroom of the CVDL,

Dr. Zhou Luoping from China is training orthopedics for more than 30 doctors from Latin American countries.

Upstairs orthopedic training practical course is underway,and Mr. Zhou Luoping is guiding doctors to practice. BlueSAO has provided all practical tools for this orthopedic training.

As the first Chinese lecturer, Dr. Zhou Luoping was invited to one of the most important veterinary conferences in Latin America, CVDL.

Today, in the CVDL classroom, a wonderful orthopedic course was shared among doctors from Latin American countries!Proud of Chinese lecturers going international!

In the afternoon, Dr. Zhou Luoping made a topical discussion on the application of silver ion antibacterial bone plate in the repair of failed fractures at the CVDL conference, which attracted the attention and resonance of many doctors, and also let more doctors remember BlueSAO.
This is a Chinese brand!
Today, Dr. Zhou Luoping, a Chinese lecturer, gave his third keynote speech at the CVDL2019 Veterinary Congress in León, Mexico.
The presentation introduced the upcoming THR system of BlueSAO, which attracted the interest of the participating doctors. !
Immediately after the meeting, Dr. Zhou Luoping was invited as the lecturer of the TPLO practical training workshop.
About 15 people from Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Bulgaria, and the United States are participating in this practical training.
The TPLO orthopedics training session of the Mexican CVDL veterinary conference sponsored by BlueSAO is underway.
The lecturers from China, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and Mexico cooperate and guide each other!
Today's TPLO practical training was completed, and it was already 9 o'clock in the evening. Everyone learned the knowledge, harvested the friendship, took a photo, and kept the good memories!

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