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20210331 -【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament】A Husky, fixed with TPLO-M system successfully

Beijing Quanxinquanyi Chongai banlv Animal HospitalDr.Han2021-05-07 318

A Husky, 2 years old, female, 18Kg, went to the doctor due to lameness. The examination result showed that the drawer test was positiveand the cranial cruciate ligament rupture was found in the diagnosis. The planned TPA is 29 degrees before surgery and adjusted to 6 degrees after surgery. The BlueSAO TPLO-M8mm locking plate was used for TPLO surgery, the postoperative recovery was good, and the weight-bearing walking was already on the third day after the surgery. X-rays showed that the fracture line was blurred and healed well two weeks after thesurgery.

Thanks for Dr.Han from Beijing Quanxinquanyi Chongai banlv Animal Hospital bringing us the case.

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