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20210414 -【Rupture of cranial cruciate ligament】A Poodle, fixed with TPLO-S system successfully

Kunming Hengjia Animal HospitalDr. Du2021-05-07 344

A Poodle, 8 years old, male, unneutered, 5.6kg, had a limp right hind limb for three months, and muscle atrophy of the affected limb. The examination showed no hip joint problems, no abnormal patella, positive anterior drawer test on the right knee joint, rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament, and negative posterior drawer test. The BlueSAO TPLO-S5.5mm locking plate and 12mm saw blade were used for surgery. The surgical time was 30 minutes. The postoperative correction of the affected limb was good, and the mobility of the affected limb was greatly improved.

Thanks for Dr. Du from Kunming Hengjia Animal Hospital of Yunnan province bringing us the case.

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