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THR Surgery of Slipped Epiphysis in a Felis Catus — Dr. Wu Junjie from Ai - Bi Veterinary Medicine Center

Ai - Bi Veterinary Medicine CenterDr. Wu Junjie2023-11-16 32

A Felis Catus, 1.5 years old, male, 5kg,

suffered from bilateral slipped epiphyses. So we performed a hip replacement on one side and then the other 10 days later. We did the THR surgery by using a φ12mm cemented cup, a φ8+0mm femoral head, a #3 stem and the antibiotic-loaded bone cement of BlueSAO Micro & Nano Hip Replacement System for replacement. The dog is recovering well from the surgery with load-bearing support. Best wishes for an early recovery.

Thanks to Dr. Wu Junjie (Ai - Bi Veterinary Medicine Center) for sharing the clinical case of BlueSAO Hip Replacement System.

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