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THR Surgery of Femoral Head Fracture in a Golden Retriever — Dr. Li Wei from Kunming RINGPAI Yi Jia Pet Hospital

Kunming RINGPAI Yi Jia Pet HospitalDr. Li Wei2023-11-16 229

Breed: Golden retriever, 1 year old, male, 27kg.

The dog suffered from fracture of left femoral head due to a fall, so we decided to perform a THR with the BlueSAO Biological THR System. We did the surgery by using a φ24mm biological cup, a 16+9 femoral head, a #7 biological stem and a φ16mm side bolt. The dog is recovering well from the surgery. Best wishes for an early recovery.

Nine-month postoperative reexamination of a THR in the golden retriever showed a stable prosthesis, good femoral growth, stable gait, and good muscle mass.

Thanks to Dr. Li Wei (Kunming RINGPAI Yi Jia Pet Hospital) for sharing the clinical case of BlueSAO Biological THR.

Preoperative X-ray:

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