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Re-examination 2 Years After the Surgery of BlueSAO Biological Hip Replacement System in an Old English Sheepdog

Guangzhou YY Veterinary HospitalDr. Luo Yusheng2024-07-03 64

Two years ago, a 4-year-old male Old English Sheepdog was brought to the hospital for severe arthritis secondary to bilateral hip dysplasia. Based on his condition, we decided to treat him with hip replacement surgery, first on the right joint and then on the left one year later.

The dog, now 6 years old, recently came to our hospital for a postoperative re-examination of his bilateral hip replacement. x-rays showed that the dog is recovering very well and is moving freely.

In both surgeries, we adopted a φ26mm cup, a #7 stem and a φ16mm (+0) head of BlueSAO Biological Hip Replacement System for his bilateral hip replacement.

BlueSAO Hip Replacement System: Non-3D Printed Stem of Mainstream Forging Stem Process — More Enduring, More Reliable, and Safer!

Thanks to Dr. Luo Yusheng (Guangzhou YY Veterinary Hospital) for sharing the clinical case of BlueSAO Biological Hip Replacement System.

Right preoperative X-ray:

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