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Re-examination 3 Years After the Surgery of BlueSAO Biological Hip Replacement System in a Border Collie by Dr. Luo Yusheng from Guangzhou YY Veterinary Hospital

Guangzhou YY Veterinary HospitalDr. Luo Yusheng2024-07-04 62

Postoperative: 3 years

Breed: Border Collie

Sex: female (neutered)

Age: 7 years old (currently 10 years old)

Weight: 25kg

Etiology: luxation of the right femoral head due to a fight.

Intraoperatively, we adopted a φ20mm cup, a #5 stem and a φ13mm (+0) head of BlueSAO Biological Hip Replacement System for his right hip replacement. The dog was able to walk on the ground soon after the surgery.

A 3-year postoperative follow-up was performed on June 19, 2024. The x-ray showed well bone ingrowth, and the dog was able to run, jump, and move freely.

Preoperative X-ray:

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