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20190401 -【Comminuted fracture of femur】A Schnauzer, fixed with HyProtect-PRCL-M antimicrobial plasma coating plate system successfully

Hefei Xinan haosi Animal HospitalDr. Zhang2019-04-08 187

A Schnauzer, 10 months old, male, 7.7kg, suffered from a comminuted fracture of femur, fixed with the BlueSAO HyProtect-PRCL- M9mm antimicrobial plasma coating locking plate+Intramedullary pin. The MicroSilver antimicrobial plasma coatings come from German Bio-Gate company. This antimicrobial plasma coating can release Ag+( silver ion) in body more than 100 days for resisting infection. Hope the guy recovery soon!

Thanks for Dr. Zhang from Hefei Xinan haosi Animal Hospital of Anhui province bringing us the case.

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