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20190402 -【Fracture of humerus】A cat, fixed with HyProtect-PRCL-S antimicrobial plasma coating plate system successfully

Chongqing Taihe Animal HospitalDr. Li2019-04-08 202

A straycat, named Jusi, 5 months old, male, 1.8kg, suffered from pulmonary hemorrhage and multiple fractures. After hospitalization, today,we fixed the right lateral humerus condyle with the BlueSAO HyProtect-PRCL- S6.5mm antimicrobial plasma coating locking plate+PRCL-S5mm locking plate and repaired the cleft palate. The MicroSilver antimicrobial plasma coatings come from German Bio-Gate company. This antimicrobial plasma coating can release Ag+( silver ion) in body more than 100 days for resisting infection.In three days, we will do a second surgery.

Thanks for Dr. Li from Chongqing Taihe Animal Hospital bringing us the case.

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