The first day of the Veterinary Conference in Istanbul, Türkiye has come to a successful conclusion!


Türkiye, which straddles the Eurasian continent, not only has unique scenery, but also has a unique opening of the Veterinary Conference! The crisp class bell opened the first day of the conference, as if it had brought us back to our hour old school!
During class, there were very few people visiting and negotiating in the exhibition hall, and they were all listening to classes in the classroom. Only after class, doctors walked out of the classroom and came to various booths for consultation and negotiation, or gathered around the snack table prepared by the conference organizer in groups, savoring delicious desserts while chatting happily.
During the end of class, our booth often receives old users to hug and greet us! Many old users bring new users over for consultation. One of the doctors left the deepest impression on me. He came to the booth alone and couldn't speak English. He used his mobile translation software to show us a sentence: "Thank you very much for bringing us such high-quality orthopedic products from China! I am your user!" In an instant, we were moved!
Thanks again to veterinarians all over Türkiye for their trust and support to BlueSAO Bailu! We will continue to make efforts to provide more and better products for veterinarians around the world!

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